Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pacific Shrimp Taco?

So I went to Taco Bell and got one of their new shrimp tacos. I happen to love shrimp, so I thought that this would be the perfect lunchtime hunger satisfier for me. However, I found the taco to be pretty unsatisfying. There weren't very many shrimp in there and were pretty insipid. Luckily, it came with some cinnamon twists so I could snack on those before I went and ordered something else to eat. I wouldn't recommend getting this. I paid $6 for it and I have to say that those six dollars went to waste. Spend that money on a two-day porn subscription, not on some crappy taco.

Anyway, has anyone else tried these tacos? Opinions?


  1. i just don't feel it for mexican food... sorry.

  2. i live in the u.k and have heard of taco bell but what exactly is it :/....?